Engineering & Consulting


We offer engineering and consulting services in hardware, software, infrastructure, systems, industrial automation and data science.

We apply this knowledge and capabilities with our clients in industrial, global and multidisciplinary projects, as well as to create new technological solutions.

Software Development

Software development applying the latest technologies. Data acquisition, storage, monitoring, user interfaces, mobile applications, notifications, reporting…


Management and maintenance of Cloud and On-premise IT infrastructure and systems. Provisioning and set-up of systems, software deployment and network management.

Industrial Automation

Programming of industrial PLCs, automation of processes and industrial machinery, communications and robotics.

Integration & Commissioning

Implementation of monitoring and control systems, integration of machines and processes, supplies, FAT and SAT tests of hardware and software.

Data Science

Design, development and implementation of predictive systems, data analytics, statistical and mathematical modeling, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning.



Design of software solutions for data acquisition and management.



Commitment on the latest technologies to carry out cutting- edge projects and developments.



We help our clients by accompanying them in the software architecture process.


Ad-Hoc Solutions

We accept challenges to develop new solutions and adapt to customer needs.

Software Development

We develop software for multiple sectors and applications, using the latest technologies to maximize performance and achieve the best solution.

Great experience in the design, development and implementation of a monitoring and control system in real time, distributed and redundant, both on-premise and Cloud, applicable in large and complex industrial environments.


Design, architecture and implementation of infrastructure solutions and computer systems for the deployment of global data management platforms.

The development of solutions for both on-premise and cloud monitoring and control has allowed us to design and manage complex systems for remote access to facilities, communication encryption, distributed deployment of new functionalities, repositories, continuous integration, configuration and customized hardware provisioning and internal monitoring of the infrastructure itself.

Google Cloud
Industrial Automation

We implement industrial automation solutions in multiple key sectors, such as the generation of renewable energy, chemicals and construction.


Integration & Commissioning

We carry out the complete integration and commissioning of both hardware and software in monitoring, automation and control projects in industrial environments.

We have extensive experience developing and integrating information management systems in complex environments, so we have the knowledge and qualified professionals to carry out turnkey projects for the integration of systems, equipment, communications and software.


Communications racks, control cabinets, cabling, network equipment, servers, robots.


Communications networks, fiber optics, serial buses, wireless, security policies, firewalls.


Data acquisition, automated programming, databases, Cloud environments, user interfaces, reporting.

We rely on the best partners to complement each other.

We work with leading brands to guarantee the success of our clients.

Big Data Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Data Analytics

Data Science

Development of data analytics solutions, artificial intelligence algorithms, process optimization, Big Data and solutions for predictive maintenance.

With the aim of being able to improve the production processes and the devices that we connect and digitize, we design and implement solutions that allow to improve and maximize their operation, anticipate any failures that may occur and forecast future problems and needs in their operation and maintenance.


Production forecasts in power generation plants, treatment and optimization of meteorological data, maximization of billing for power sales.


Modeling of the behavior of devices and processes, detection of anomalies, performance and efficiency comparisons.


Analysis of historical data, stock and maintenance forecasts, optimization and maximization of production and equipment operation.
Big Data