EMPRO Data Platform

Built around the Data

We have built a powerful platform for data management:
from its acquisition, sending and storage to its analysis and visualization.

Redundant. Global. Transversal.

Conceived to be implemented in projects all over the world, from isolated local systems, centralized Cloud control centers or redundant local / remote systems for high availability.

New Technologies

We make use of the latest technologies available for protocols, communications, operating systems, infrastructure and connectivity to offer adaptability, reliability and power.

Adaptable. Powerful. Scalable.

It manages information from a multitude of sensors, variables and measurements, in multiple processes and facilities, building functionalities for exploitation, operation and maintenance, whether from small projects to large infrastructures.

Regular Updates
Customized User Interface
Cloud Infrastructure
Empro Data Platform Laptop
Data Acquisition Local and Remote Visualization and Control Analytics and Storage Backup Real Time Interface Reports Error Report Data

Adaptable to all needs









Compatibility with multiple protocols and industrial manufactures

From the devices up to the Cloud. 3 modular solutions to face current challenges.

From small projects to large installations and global deployments, the EMPRO platform allows adaptability to meet the needs of the project, either physically at the installation or through centralized solutions from the Cloud for a large portfolio of devices and projects.


Global Cloud solution for managing multiple project portfolios and device fleets in a single and centralized way.


Integration, monitoring and supervision system for installation devices and processes. Deployable both locally and Cloud.


Data acquisition, field device integration, real-time calculations, event management and distributed storage.

Empro Power Rack
  • Ventilation System
  • 42U 19” Rack Cabinet
  • Input and output PLC device
  • Exterior connectivity (routers, firewalls)
  • Fiber optic patch panel
  • Front and back door for easy access
  • RTUs and switches for processing and connectivity
  • Modular switches for internal connectivity
  • Electric protections
  • Front vents
  • UPS and batteries for power supply autonomy

EMPRO PowerRack

Rack cabinet for the centralization of communications, computing and data storage.

The EMPRO PowerRack is designed to adapt to the needs of the project, allowing the hosting of servers, copper and fiber optic communications to devices and to the Internet through firewalls, electrical protections, autonomy against power cuts and redundancy in servers, firewalls, switches and power supply.

Ideal to host On-Premise the EMPRO InSight solution for the integral management of a project.

EMPRO Gateway Cabinet

Compact cabinet to house communication and control equipment.

It can be used to implement a distributed data acquisition, control and storage system as a pre-EMPRO PowerRack level, where communications, computing and storage capacity are centralized. Or it can be used as a gateway for communication between an installation and the Cloud directly, optimizing equipment and installation costs.

Ideal for hosting the EMPRO Edge solution in large distributed installations or EMPRO InSight for smaller projects.

Empro Gateway Cabinet
  • Digital/analog input/output PLC management
  • Power Supply
  • Battery for power supply autonomy
  • Electric protections
  • Router for wired and wireless internet connectivity
  • 24 and 12 Vdc power supply
  • RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) for data acquisition, processing and sending
  • Switch to increase field connectivity
  • Connection terminal for signals and power supply
Data Acquisition & Processing
  • EMPRO Acquisition
  • EMPRO Virtualizer
  • EMPRO Accumulator
Data Ingestion & Storage
  • EMPRO TimeSeries API
  • EMPRO TimeSeries Writer
  • EMPRO Sync
  • EMPRO Server
  • EMPRO Forecast Miner
  • EMPRO Web
  • EMPRO Reporter
Data Analytics
  • EMPRO Logic
  • EMPRO Writer
  • EMPRO Alarm Manager
  • EMPRO Mailer
  • EMPRO Task Notifier
  • EMPRO Serial Link
  • EMPRO IP Link
Asset Management
Empro Overview Instalaciones

Assets Overview

Display of the main information of a large portfolio of projects and devices at the same time.


Installation Geolocation


Main Parameters


Communication State Notification


Geographic Navigation


Simplified Visualization of Performance


Alerts and Events Notifications


Visualization of the fundamental parameters of the installation in real time. Monitoring of main equipment measurements, aggregations, correlations, performance and availabilities.


Easy Visualization


Production and Current Status


Performance, Production and Efficiency Charts


Main Parameters


Basic Information of Devices and Installation


Alert Events

Empro Dashboard

Historical Data Analysis and Management

Configurable visualization of the stored historical data of devices and installation.

Time interval, granularity and aggregation function selection.

Device type, variables and representation type (chart or table).

Multi-axis, multi-device and multi-variable graphic representation. Zoom tools, tooltips and other functionalities to manage the data.

Export of historical data for analysis and visualization in external tools.

Compatibility with multiple storage systems, both relational (SQL) and no relational (time- series databases).

Issue List
Searching and Filtering
Issue Update
Reporting Tools

Issue Management and Ticketing

Creation of maintenance tickets and incidents related to installation equipment. Possibility of making updates on them.

Generation of reports to deliver to managers or suppliers.

Production Control

Management of the historical production of the installation, both at a general level and individually for each device, as well as availabilities and efficiencies. Comparison against theoretical or contractual values.


Daily, Monthly and Annually Granularity


Bar Graph and Table Visualization


Comparison with Theoretical or Contractual Values


Date and Device Filtering


Performance & Availability


Individual Device Visualization

Automatic Reports
Project and Devices Performance
Communication Error Histogram
Main Information Visualization
Alert Activity Summary
Estimated Losses

Automatic Reporting and Data Analysis

Generation of automatic reports of the installation, including production, yields, summary of active and deactivated alerts, details of the data acquisition system, histogram of communication errors and estimated losses by PR and availability.

Alerts and Notifications

Management and notification of alerts configured for the installation. Filtering the history of events and personalized configuration per user for notifications and alerts enabled.

Multiple Filters for Historical List

Historical by type of device, specific device, date and current status of the alert.

Accessible Lateral Menu

Real-time visualization of active alerts and last deactivated alerts, as well as direct access to user settings.

Alerts and Notification Configuration

Activation / deactivation of alerts, notifications on mobile devices, in the web interface and instant and daily emails.

Empro Alertas Y Notificaciones

Detailed Device View

Real-time and detailed visualization of device information.

Empro Visualizacion Especifica De Dispositivos 1
Single Line Diagramas
Real-time Data Comparison
Power Supply Schemas
Communication Diagrams
Logics and Controls
I/Os Analog and Digital
Multi-level Layouts
Process Distribution
Protections and Meters
Weather Information
Specific Machinery
Empro Visualizacion Especifica De Dispositivos 2

Third-party Data Acquisition and Integrations

In addition to sending and storing data in the system itself, it offers the possibility of delivering status variables and device information to third-party systems to integrate them into other control and alert centers.

The system is configurable for each installation, as well as supporting multiple communication protocols and databases for better and faster integration with third-party systems.

User Management

In addition to sending and storing data in the system itself, it offers the possibility of delivering status variables and device information to third-party systems to integrate them into other control and alert centers.

The system is configurable for each installation, as well as supporting multiple communication protocols and databases for better and faster integration with third-party systems.

  • Multiple levels of access privileges to floors and sections of the system.
  • Management and autonomous creation of users by the installation administrator.
  • Privileges to control, actuations and send independent instructions.
  • Easy interface for creating, managing and modifying users.

Integration and Unification

The EMPRO platform makes it possible to integrate multiple facilities with different characteristics in a single interface and in a single place, accessible globally and in real time.

Global Access
Control Center
Centralized Operation
Systems Unification